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A History of South Carolina Barbeque

Category: Little Joe's Souvenirs

Read the story behind our state's famous que with many excerpts about us, written by our good friend Lake High, the president of South Carolina Barbeque Association, also the most knowledgable BBQ fan in the state!

"South Carolina has been home to good, old-fashioned barbeque for quite a long time. Hundreds of restaurants, stands and food trucks sell tons of the southern staple every day. But the history of Palmetto State barbeque goes deeper than many might believe--it predates the rest of America. Native Americans barbequed pork on makeshift grills as far back as the 1500s after the Spanish introduced the pig into the Americas. Since the early 1920s, South Carolinians have been perfecting the craft and producing some of the best-tastin' 'que in the country. Join author and president of the South Carolina Barbeque Association Lake E. High Jr. as he traces the delectable history from its pre-colonial roots to a thriving modern-day tradition that fuels an endless debate over where to find the best plate."

Format: Paperback
Published: The History Press, 2013
Author: Lake E. High, Jr., President of SC BBQ Association

Price: $19.99

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