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At Maurice's Piggie Park BBQ

Our story is steeped in South Carolina BBQ history and time-honored recipes passed down through generations. We pride ourselves on being a local, family-run establishment dedicated to serving exceptional authentic South Carolina BBQ that has delighted taste buds since 1953.

BBQ Catering Services

At Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ, we extend our passion for authentic BBQ beyond our restaurant doors.

We offer full-service catering for corporate events and weddings, deliveries for groups and parties, and food truck catering all over South Carolina and beyond!

A Legacy of
BBQ Excellence

The legacy began generations ago, in 1939, laying the foundation of what would become Maurice's Piggie Park BBQ. Now, with the second and third generations working side-by-side, we've stuck to our roots for over seven decades, cooking up the best barbecue using only wood-fired coals – no gas or electric methods. The results? Barbeque, that's so good you'd drive a hundred miles to get a taste!

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Interested in bringing the mouth-watering goodness of Maurice's Piggie Park right to your home? Place your order, and we'll get to work packing up our famous BBQ just for you. Whether it’s our slow-smoked meats or our tangy, golden BBQ sauces, we’ll ship it straight to your doorstep, so you can enjoy a bit of Southern comfort no matter where you are. Use the button below to place your order!

Commitment to Community and Quality

Beyond serving delicious BBQ, Maurice's Piggie Park gives back to the community through a few of our family passions of sponsoring and donating to local youth sports, USA military and veterans, and Alzheimer's care. We remain focused on improving our community and fostering a welcoming environment for all patrons. With our dedication to quality food and sauces and all wood traditional pit cooking techniques, we strive to deliver an unforgettable dining experience that honors our South Carolina history and rich culinary tradition of barbeque particular to our region.

What Our Customers Say...

Ash W.
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Excellent BBQ. Their mustard sauce is probably my favorite. The price is VERY fair for the food received. Nice large portions.
Jeff W.
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Excellent barbecue at a reasonable price. They have a very efficient setup here too. The staff is super friendly and the BBQ is awesome! I especially like the mustard sauce they used on the ribs.
Alanah P.
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This was my first time eating at the piggy park and It was really good I also got sides of Mac n cheese and collards. Everything was very flavorful and seasoned !
Jill Z.
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Had a wonderful lunch here ! Pimento cheeseburger was amazing. House made pimento cheese that was incredible! Food is always excellent and staff is friendly. Five stars!
Priscilla K.
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Love the skin pork, soft, crispy, big pieces, crunchy 😋 👌 perfect, rice & hash, dark meat chicken, etc

Little Joe

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With just a few clicks, you can browse our menu, customize your order, and schedule pickup or delivery at your preferred location. So, why wait? Explore a world of pit-cooked goodness and Southern hospitality with Maurice's Piggie Park BBQ today.