At Maurice’s Piggie Park, our passion is to serve gourmet pit-cooked BBQ in our own authentic South Carolina style with exceptional quick service, in a friendly, family atmosphere. Our barbequed meats are smoked naturally with local 100% hickory and oak wood in a one-of-a-kind barbecue pit that operates 24 hours a day. We burn several cords of hickory and oak logs down to fine coals and pile high under our racks full of barbeque meats to cook low and slow all night long in preparation for a busy day of good eatin’.

We take pride in being a second and third generation family-run business and one of the few remaining bbq joints to never use gas or electric heat to cook our barbeque. Every day, hundreds of pounds of meat are cooked for hours on our centrally located BBQ pits for a consistent flavor and delivered to our convenient restaurant locations.