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At Maurice’s Piggie Park, we love our Southern Gold® BBQ Sauce, the original secret recipe that started a South Carolina BBQ tradition. Our sweet, tangy mustard-based Southern Gold® sauce is preservative-free, gluten-free and has no fat or cholesterol. We pit-cook many of our meats with our unique secret heirloom recipe, Maurice’s Southern Gold® BBQ Sauce. But we do want to accommodate our customers who would rather add a sauce themselves – so please ask!

We offer a variety of BBQ Sauces to add on to our meats:

Pit-cooked BBQ Meats that may be requested at time of order with no sauce or an alternate sauce:

Pit-cooked BBQ Meats basted with Maurice’s Southern Gold® sauce:

Our barbeque is served from freshly chopped pit-cooked pork hams and is coated with Southern Gold® BBQ Sauce when prepared for your sandwich or plate. We do offer our BBQ Pork WITHOUT sauce at request if available, so please request this at time of order. Our tender Beef Brisket is slow pit-cooked over hickory coals with a special spice rub, but no barbeque sauce, so this is a great option for our non-sauce fans – please request no additional sauce to be added to your brisket! Our pork ribs and barbecued chicken are basted with sauce on the pit to lock in the moist juicy flavor of the meats.

We feel confident that you will love our sauces when you try them!

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