Sauce of the Month Club


All about our Sauce of the Month Club:

You’ll receive a variety of 2 or 4 sauces each month, including our Original Southern Gold® all the way to our newest Habanero Hot Sauce. The 1st month’s box will deliver right away, and then we’ll keep sending your box of BBQ Sauces the second week of the remaining months. The best part (besides BBQ sauce delivered straight to your front door!) is that Priority Mail Shipping is INCLUDED. There will be no recurring fees on your credit card after the initial order.


Know someone who loves BBQ Sauce?

Got a friend that’s obsessed with BBQ?

Give them the gift that keeps on giving! Or send this goody box to yourself!

We’ll send a box of Maurice’s collection BBQ Sauces, including our signature classics as well as our newest sauces once a month for as long as you’d like. Plus, FREE SHIPPING!