Wholesale Products and Pricing

Our wholesale program supplies businesses that are interested in distributing Maurice’s Piggie Park® products within a local market. It is ideal for providing people within your community access to their favorite bbq sauces and meats without the delays or shipping costs of individual online orders. With our widespread popularity, our sauces are sure to be a popular item on your shelf!

Pricing information and other details are provided to approved wholesalers. Eligible wholesalers include local businesses such as meat markets, small grocers, or restaurants that use our products. To become an approved wholesaler, please use the contact form below. We will reply to eligible candidates within one week.

Free Shipping on orders of 1 pallet or more! Order items may be mixed and matched. No minimum order quantity for approved wholesalers to order at special pricing.

UPC# Size Item Cases to Pallet
54321 12/18 oz Original Southern Gold® 75
54332 12/18 oz Honey Southern Gold® 75
54323 12/18 oz Hickory Southern Gold® 75
54322 12/18 oz Spicy Southern Gold® 75
54357 12/18 oz Maurice’s Hickory Red® 75
54310 12/18 oz Maurice’s Hot Pepper Sauce 75
54301 12/5 oz Maurice’s Rib Rub N/A
54331 6/76 oz Original Southern Gold® 60
54327 4/1 gal Original Southern Gold® 27
4/18 oz Southern Gold® Sauce Sampler*

*NOTE: Ask about purchasing Sauce Sampler boxes unassembled for more than 20% savings.

UPC# Size Item Case Weight
54333 12/1 lb tray BBQ 13.5 lbs
54335 4/5 lb bags BBQ 22 lbs
54352 4/5 lb bags Hash 22 lbs
54351 12/1 lb tray Gourmet BBQ Dinner 13.5 lbs

NOTES: Wholesale orders may be picked up at Piggie Park® headquarters on Charleston Hwy in West Columbia, SC. Customers must pay freight for orders that ship.

We appreciate our wholesale customers and continually strive to offer specials throughout the year. For additional information please contact Michelle ([email protected] or 803-791-5887 ext. 12)

Current Wholesalers – Place an order now by calling 1-800-MAURICE, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm EST.

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